God’s Favor

This I wrote after a night of anxiety filled dreams. The beautiful thing is God ALWAYS has an answer to whatever turmoil Satan brings. Anytime I had a bad night, I would just say get behind me Satan and God would come to the rescue. My dreams they torment meThey take me to the darkest… Continue reading God’s Favor

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My cancer journey

I wanted to post this blog because I don’t think I was clear in my earlier postings. I wrote these poems during my struggle through cancer beginning in October and through December, after I had surgery. As of today I am cancer free. This is a chronic cancer so I will be praying for remission… Continue reading My cancer journey

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As I Rise

My prayer for today! As I rise this dayRemind me why I’m hereGuide me through each momentRemoving all my fearsAs I kneel to prayI praise You oh my KingFor You are the only powerTo any fight that I bringAs I walk each stepThroughout this day of mineLet me never part from YouAnd leave all sin… Continue reading As I Rise

Help Me Father

Sometimes when I don’t feel great I forget to think of others. I pray that God reminds me to see those who need Him all the time! Father show meYour will todayLet me seeThe need I prayPoint out to meThe ones in painKeep me from spendingMy day in vainLet me hear The cries You doAnd… Continue reading Help Me Father

You Are With Me

I was questioning whether I should continue this poetry trip I have been taking. I asked God about it. He confirmed to me in three separate instances that very same day! God is so faithful! Even thoughI may not see itYou are with me GodI feel itI don’t needTo see Your faceWhen I knowYour amazing… Continue reading You Are With Me

In Your Presence

I wrote this poem a couple of months ago while I was going in and out of the hospital. I needed God then and I need Him now! My Father come closeLet me rest my headOn Your shoulder and breatheYour breath of life instead of deathMy Father bring me backDon’t let me walk awayFrom Your… Continue reading In Your Presence

Mirroring You Lord

I pray that God helps me show compassion and kindness to others. My desire is to mirror God’s love! God is love! Let my words be sweetTruthful and honestHelp me lift others upWith love and kindnessLet my thoughts be of YouMirroring Your waysShowing others Your loveEvery single dayLet my actions reflect YouAnd how You love… Continue reading Mirroring You Lord

I Hate Cancer

I wrote this poem after visiting with some sweet neighbors who had a friend recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her diagnosis does not look good, but I believe that God can heal her! I have lost so many loved ones to cancer, known so many who have had cancer and experienced it myself. I hate… Continue reading I Hate Cancer

Search Me Lord

I always ask God to bring to my mind any sins that I am unaware of or forgotten. There are always sins for which I need to be forgiven. I don’t want any of my sins getting between myself and God. God forgives! Also I have exciting news, a new website for mypoetrytrip.com will be… Continue reading Search Me Lord

Help Me My God

I woke this morning with this poem. Last week was a difficult one for me, but God delivered me! I just want to put this out there, it is okay to not feel okay. I pray that if you are in sadness, God will deliver you! He will deliver you! My heart is troubled my… Continue reading Help Me My God

God’s Scale

The world puts so much value on youth and beauty that we forget the value of age and wisdom. Having said that, I do struggle with the sin of vanity. My prayer is that I care more about the beauty of my heart rather than my looks. I would worry so much About getting old… Continue reading God’s Scale

Not Today Satan

I have been working out and feeling good and then my lupus flared up. Lupus can show up after stress, which I have had a little of the past few months. I said a big prayer to God asking Him to help me. He gave me this poem! I know those who read this have… Continue reading Not Today Satan


I am still on a poetry trip, but I am detouring to get some humble pie! I went to buy swimsuits last week. I wanted to get tankinis to cover as much as possible. I was looking for skirt bottoms in particular. I found the cutest ruffle bottom! I excitedly went to the dressing room… Continue reading Aging